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So you want to be a Hall of Famer?

August 3, 2010

We get a lot of inquires about our Large Stack Challenge & Large Stack Hall of Fame.  “What is it?”, folks ask.  Since I’ve answered this in a previous blog, I’ll keep it simple here.  If you eat our Large Stack of Pancakes, consisting of five plated sized pancakes, you will get them FREE and have your name/photo entered into our Hall of Fame! So far we have five people in our Hall of Fame:

A few Hall of Famers & a few who didn't quite make it...

  • 1) Fred Powell
  • 2) Lou Muzyczek
  • 3) Joe Facendola
  • 4) Daniel Reamer
  • 5) Mike Kusbit

Well, we are officially announcing another incentive to attempt our Large Stack Challenge!  All “Large Stack Hall of Famers” will now each get a FREE Short Stack of Pancakes every second Tuesday of every month! * Yes, you heard me right!  Come attempt the Large Stack on those days and you may be among our Hall of Famers… heck, you may even become one.  I know some of you think this is crazy, but it’s a very popular topic among the CCK (Chris’ Cosmic Kitchen) crowd.  I guess we can blame Man V. Food for that, on the ever so popular Travel Channel.  Apparently, food challenges are all the rage… we get several website hits a day from the website (competitive eating news, database & calendar).  So what do you think?  Are you up for the challenge??

On a similar note, one of our regular customers, Tyler Millage, has attempted the Large Stack Challenge several times.  He got pretty darn close to finishing on his last attempt!  So when he had a birthday recently and tweeted a picture of his birthday cake, I was taken aback.  His amazingly talented friend, Heather Thomas, had baked him a cake that was the exact replica of our Large Stack of Pancakes!  I actually didn’t believe him at first because it was so real!  Check it out for yourself, to the right.

Heather Thomas was entered in the Azalea Cake Challenge this year at the NC Azalea Festival and placed 4th!  If you’d like to order a cake from her, or talk about possible ideas, email her at:



Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @CosmicKitchen!  We love to tweet with our community!

* Fine Print:  Must be dine-in only, must be a verified Hall of Famer & may be discontinued at any time. No rainchecks.

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