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How do YOU stack up?

January 11, 2011

Attempting the Large StackWelcome to my first blog of 2011!  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season.  I followed many of you on Facebook & Twitter as you celebrated and traveled with your families, some of you even chose to spend some time with us at the restaurant.  For that, we are deeply appreciative.  We hope that in this new year, we will welcome many more into our “CCK Family“.

So by now, you’ve heard about our Large Stack of Pancakes Challenge.  It’s almost daily that someone brings it up.  To date, we only have *five* people in our Hall of Fame.   They have accomplished eating an entire Large Stack of Pancakes (five plate sized pancakes) in one sitting.  Only five folks in over three years of the running competition!  Once you finish the large stack, you get into the Hall of Fame, get your stack for FREE and also get FREE pancakes on the second Tuesday of each month!  The next couple of entrants will also receive a limited edition “Large Stack T-shirt“!  I’m hoping to have them in by the first of February.  Can’t wait to show them to you!

We’ve had several customers attempt the large stack more than once.  They are very determined folks who hope to someday conquer the challenge and get into the Hall of Fame.  One such customer, Jarrad Reynolds, even put us on the map recently by submitting a video to the Man V Food Nation Casting Call.  Before he submitted the video, he posted this tweet which was then recognized by ManVFood on Twitter (make sure you click on the links in the tweets to see the awesome photo/video!):

From @JarradReynolds:

From @ManVFood:

Jarrad is a huge ManVFood fan, and surely not the only one in our fabulous little town of Wilmington, NC.  He wants Adam Richman to head this way.  Here’s his attempt:

Thanks for the awesome shout out Jarrad!  We truly have the best. customers. ever.

Join the campaign and let Adam Richman know you’d like him to come visit Wilmington, NC, too!  Find him online or on Twitter.

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